The Gift of Meeting People, The Gift of Photography

Like I said a couple posts ago, the more you go out, the more people you meet. This time I went out to McIntosh Lake with a roll of Ilford HP5 in a Rolleiflex 3.5F to see who I’d find. I always start on the promenade–that’s what I call the sidewalk that wraps around the lake.

I can’t wait to see who’s next.

That’s what the next roll of film is for, to see who I meet next!

I think it’s an honor for the people I approach–“You selected us out of all the people you could have approached.”

It makes everyone feels good to be selected. To be made to feel special, if even for a few moments.

The gift of photography.

[You can keep up with this Longmont Lake Project at this gallery.]

One thought on “The Gift of Meeting People, The Gift of Photography

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  1. These are such cheerful photos and a great message too. I find that I am reluctant to ask strangers if I may take their photograph. But it’s something I should push myself to do.


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