“There’s Nothing Out Here.”

Every time I go out to the lake, I bring a Rolleiflex with one roll of 120 film loaded, ready to make 12 frames.

I drive alongside the lake’s south side and look for a place to park while looking to see what looks photogenic. And none of it does. No photos. Some people using an air pump to blow up their paddle board. Some people laying out on the grass. Seen it all before. Nothing interesting to me. Boring!

Which is a trap. It’s a lie. It’s telling me there’s “nothing to see here”. No need to park. Go home where it’s cool and air-conditioned. Go relax. Quit.

Of course, I don’t quit. If I don’t find anything once I get out and walk, I can quit. But at least I have to get out and try. And when I do, I find moments like this.

They’re little moments that unfold as I approach. Some happen in an instant, others I can watch and wait for. But they’re out there, if I only get out of the car and get to work.

Do the work.

All of these are from a handful of trips to the lake in my town.

There’s no magic to making these. No special tricks that I know that you don’t. Nothing but showing up and doing the work. The more you go, the more you make. The more you make, the more you have to show for your efforts. Even when it looks bleak. When there’s nothing obvious, go look further. Take a walk.

The next photograph is just around the next corner. How do I know?

It always is.

You can see the full Longmont Lake Project here.

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