I abhor the way every working photographer when asked how it’s going replies, “I’m so busy.” Automatically. Whether they are or not, they think it’s a badge of honor. “So, so busy.”

Busy isn’t the most important thing to be. A good balance of work and free time is important, not just running from one job to the next non-stop.

That said, I can’t tell you how many jobs I’ve been PASSED UP for because company PR directors and art directors told me they assumed I was TOO BUSY for them. With my background and experience, they figured I must be booked non-stop.

Nope. I’M NOT THAT BUSY. And certainly not too busy for you to contact me and discuss what you’re working on and see how I can help. I love a new challenge and I travel throughout the country for clients.

Not too busy to take a walk on the beach.

For some clients, I’ve even driven across the U.S. just so I could bring specialty equipment to their shoot.

Anyway, if you’re looking for an experienced photographer who makes work the way I do, try me.

This will be my new tagline: “I’M NOT THAT BUSY.”

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