Learn Film Photography: I’ll Bring You a Camera!

So, there has been a lot of interest this summer from folks taking lessons to learn film photography. You know those old SLRs (single lens reflex) cameras like the Canon AE-1 or Pentax K1000 your parents had or maybe you had. I’ve had students study with me one-on-one with 35mm, 120 and even a 4×5 camera. They all had the same goal–to learn how to make film photographs with a camera that was unfamiliar.

To many young people, it’s not a step back but a step forward–film photography is all new. And it’s tremendously rewarding if you’ve only been snapping pics with your phone, that’s really not photography. More like a computer processor capturing a file, doing its best with what it’s pointed at.

I am now offering film photography classes to anyone who is interested in working with film–it’s truly magical–and you don’t need to have your own camera, I can supply you with one to get you started.  Film, too. (Or you can get it from the local camera shop.)

Finding the right camera is often the most challenging for someone who doesn’t know what they’re looking for or how to get one that would be best for them. 

So if you come learn with me, I’ll set you up with something that you can get your hands on right away, that you can try and see if it’s right for you. 

Some of the cameras came from local neighbors—thank you to those folks for getting them to me! If you have an old film camera you’d like to get to someone who is learning to use film, send me a note.

I’ve been teaching photography for 40 years—I know how to make it easy to learn photography. More than just the basics, I teach the excitement for the opportunity to make photographs that will truly last. Photographs that are unique to you, that show how you see the world. 

I also offer photography workshops at the the Colorado Photographic Arts Center in Denver, and I teach video production at Front Range Community College. 

What are you waiting for? The proof is in the framed photographic print that is going to be hanging on your wall, the artwork that you made, that only you could have made! 

Your vision realized.

On film.

4 thoughts on “Learn Film Photography: I’ll Bring You a Camera!

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  1. I actually have a Pentax K1000 that has been “resting” since my string of digital cameras and cell phone took over. Would be very interested in learning more and when, where, and how much!


      1. Kenneth,
        I am involved with some repairs on my home right now that take priority before winter arrives, so maybe in October would be better timing for me.


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