Roy Stryker is Back After A Summer Vacation

The Roy Stryker documentary photography project was on a summer hiatus, but it’s back starting this week. The photo project, named for the man who hired the documentary photographers after the Great Depression to show America to Americans, was started in 2016, and we now have over 450 posts by multiple photographers from across the U.S. and we will be putting out a photograph or photo story three days a week, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

You’re welcome to join us, to become a photographer in your area creating content for the project. You maintain all rights to your images and our goal is to show Americans what America really looks like in all corners of the country.

Take a look. The site is Here’s a glimpse into a few photos from a story coming up on Saturday, An Afternoon in Golden Colorado. We document ordinary life, the “in-betweens” that most people don’t photograph.

Here’s a bit about Roy Stryker. He’s the one who hired Dorothea Lange among others. You know her famous photo, Migrant Mother.

Sometimes they’re humorous. Always they’re storytelling.

One of the big advantages of working for the project is when our photographers go out to document their area if someone approaches them asking why they’re taking photos, they can have an answer ready like:

“I’m documenting America for a photography project called Roy Stryker, named for the administrator who hired the FSA photographers after the Great Depression to show America to Americans, and we’re doing the same thing today. You can see the work at”

That satisfies everyone. When you have a good answer, that’s all they need to hear.

Good reason. Keep working.

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  1. Hi Kenneth,

    I’ve been enjoying your blog

    But looking at Roy this site is not secure. Can you reach out to see if this can be amended so that I may browse securely?

    Kind regards David

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