I’m a Wide Guy (Photographically Speaking)

Which are you, more wide or more telephoto? I know photographers who tend to lean one way or the other. I’m a wide guy. Definitely.

I was looking at a book by Lee Friedlander, where he photographed a book’s worth of photos out his car window all made with a Hasselblad SWC, the super wide camera, the one with the 38mm lens which equates to about 20mm in 35mm film format. It’s so good and I thought, yep, I love a good wide.

I just picked up at a local estate sale a great wide zoom, a Tokina 19-35mm, for a Jackson. A good deal and right where I want to be. Nice and wide.

The thing is, this lens is amazing and yet very inexpensive. As of this writing, BHPhoto has one used for $79. That’s not a lot of cash for an ultra-wide. Not quite as good of a price as $20, but still, not bad.

With an ultrawide, you can stay close to people and fill the frame with action. I was just out in Golden Colorado and made this photograph as I was walking five feet from this couple. No one things they’re in the shot when they’re all in the shot.

It is remarkably distortion-free, and sharp. A great hidden gem of a lens that’s readily available.

If you’re a wide photographer like me, take a look.

Then get in close and fill the frame. Show me the world from inside the moment.

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