Street Photography Defined

I am certainly a street photographer. Only I really don’t go out to make street photographs. I simply go out to run errands and keep the camera with me at the ready–meaning turned on, with the exposure set, ready to shoot–and then photograph what strikes me in my travels.

Like these. I just today updated my gallery site, which is much more than street photographs from Colorado, though that’s where it started when I named it.

All of these are just little glimpses I saw while I was out and about. Three out of five were from my car window, two made mere seconds apart. Another two were made while walking the streets.

If they weren’t sharp, if they didn’t work, you wouldn’t be seeing them. Good photographers are good editors.

I have no interest in people with red hats walking past a poster with a model in a red hat. I don’t look for light and shadow compositions. I look for people doing something that is worth a tap on your shoulder, me as photographer saying, “Hey, take a look at that.” And you having an experience where you think, “Oh, yeah, I see what you’re showing me. Cool. Thanks for that.”

That’s street photography.

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