Taking a Stroll with a Pentax 67, a 105mm f2.4 Lens and a Sliver of Focus

I recently added a 105mm f2.4, the legendary portrait lens to my Pentax 67 kit and went out with it today to check it on the camera. I wanted to use it wide open as that’s the feature of this lens–its look creating soft backgrounds–and took it to the park next to Mcintosh Lake.

My go-to film is Ilford HP5, which is a 400-speed film. I figured I could get away with backlight subjects at 1/1000 at f2.4 without overexposing by too much. During processing, I pulled the developing time back from 5 minutes to 4.5 minutes, to help not block up the highlights too much. Worked like a charm.

But focus is a bit tough. It needs to be right on, and with a plain ground glass focus and shooting out in bright light with the sun in my eyes, it was difficult to see critical focus. The last one is softer than I will accept.

So, while these are okay for a first effort, I have to make sure focus is nailed every time. I may have to go to a tripod when using it wide open to give it that extra fine-tuning of precise focus, or just stop down to f4 or f5.6 if I’m going out hand-holding the beast.

Either way, a good lens to add to my kit. A new setup to go out and meet people.

That’s the point of photography, anyway, right? Where we get to go, who we get to meet!

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