Beauty and the Beast

One of these is a photographic tool used to create images with light, to make framed and matted photographic art to hang on walls and savor memories.

The other is a computer with a lens that makes files.

One gives you endless possibilities for creating photographic prints.

The other has a desktop computer job waiting for you.


One provides a negative to allow hand-printing your photograph on a gelatin silver medium.

The other allows printing via pushing a computer printer button.


One is used to document your world, make photographs–keep some and gift some to friends.

The other is a computer that will fill up hard drives with thousands of files.


One of them makes a limited number of photographic memories that can last hundreds of years.

The other one makes such a plethora of images there’s no easy way to find them after just a few years.


One is a joy to use that may never earn you a dime.

The other is a work tool that’s used to make a living.

I know because I own and use both.

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