Latest Portraits for The Wise Photo Project

Here are a couple of portraits for The Wise Photo Project. The couple’s photograph was made with a Graflex Speed Graphic 4×5 on Kodak Tmax film.

I am always looking for those moments that reveal a little bit about the subject. The first gentleman’s laugh certainly is one.

These legacy portraits are created for people I don’t know and some whom I will never meet—the great-grandchildren and other family members of future generations. The framed portraits are gifted to their family at no cost.

The project is open to photographers globally to join me and make these legacy portraits of the seniors of your community.

See more info at The Wise Photo Project.

I’ve photographed U.S. Presidents and celebrities, rock stars and pro athletes and every one of those photos was made to sell a brand or a candidate. The beauty of these portraits is they can last hundreds of years for many generations because they are made without a commercial goal, simply to save the faces of older folks today for the children of tomorrow.

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