The Photographers’ Show, Saturday Night 7p.m., Tickets $10

I have an idea. (When don’t I?) I want to find a location to start a monthly salon where photographers show their work on a large screen and invite a paying audience to see their work, money some of which goes back to the photographers. Perhaps a $10 ticket price.

When I look at the events calendar in my town it’s a lot of the same things–karaoke (because you don’t have to pay the performers), open mic nights (same reason), trivia night, (the bar only needs to pay one person, the host), some music shows, some local festivals, occasionally a carnival.

When Meow Wolf opened in Santa Fe, NM, it transformed that city’s tourism. People were coming to Santa Fe just to see this incredible art installation. After that success, they’ve opened locations in multiple cities including Denver, a new thing to add to the local event ‘happenings’ page.

I want to make a photographers’ show the newest event to add to the local calendar. Fred Herzog, the Vancouver street photographer who has become well-known in the past 20 years, used to rent out a space and hold slide shows and charge admission to the local residents to see his work.

It would have to be a huge 12 or 15-foot screen and a high-quality projector to make the photographs a real spectacle. Years ago, I was at a photo slide show as part of the NPPA photojournalism group, the National Press Photographers Association, and the photography shows were phenomenal. So inspiring.

With the proliferation of photography being so widespread, it seems a monthly photography event would be a good bet to draw a crowd. To get folks in to come view the work and get inspired by the featured photographers. Perhaps we would feature three or four photographers each showing 50-60 photographs set to music. And then have a Q&A immediately following.

Also, there would be some social time to meet and mingle with the photographers in attendance afterward. I host a monthly meetup of photographers who show work but it’s only to other photographers. This would be different in that it would be intended to draw a regular audience similar to the folks who might choose a theater show or a musical act for their evening entertainment.

A Photographers’ Show. Is anyone doing anything like this? I think it could be great fun. Perhaps it could even catch on and there could be Photographers’ Shows in cities across the world.

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