Photography Hasn’t Changed

Cameras may have become better at creating an accurate exposure and making a sharp image, but that has nothing to do with photographic vision. If you say. “Anybody can take a picture,” what you’re really saying is, “I can’t see the difference.” Hopefully you’re not the art buyer.

Kenneth Wajda

Fun fact: SLRs, point and shoots, and other cameras from the 1940s to 2000s, the ones that used film, they were better than most people ever saw. Because after buying the expensive camera, the best film, and traveling to the most colorful and beautiful places in the world, they came home and had the corner drug store develop their film.

Poor film processing resulted in a lot of people buying new cameras trying to get a “decent picture”, so it was a win-win for the camera manufacturers, but if you find the negatives and print them well today, you’ll find there were plenty of in-focus and properly exposed negatives. The minilab prints were the part that failed most photographers.

The idea that better cameras make great pictures is as accurate as saying better stoves make you a great chef.

When it comes to photography and fine dining, you get what you pay for!

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