Are You Happy with your Work?

The reason to make photographs is simple: For yourself. In whatever way that manifests itself.

For me it’s making documentary photographs and telling people stories. Putting together gallery shows of my work. The goal of a series of photographic monographs.

Some people are technology fans and they like to buy and test out cameras and get enamored by test charts, lens ratings and geeking out on gear.

I know landscape photographers who say they just like to be outside working the camera and seeing the photo and having any goal for it isn’t the point. They don’t even necessarily need to see the finished photo. They like “going fishing”. No need for a catch.

And there are some who use one camera and one lens and have an amazing prolific output of work.

All good.

Some people would say there is no one way to approach photography but I disagree. The one way that is imperative is the way that works for you.

As long as you’re not doing it for likes or for someone else, as long as it’s true to you, it’s good. The only one who has to like your work is you.

Can the world dislike it? Sure. The fact that we like what we do and make doesn’t guarantee it’s either good or that it will find an audience. But it does make it real.

The only thing you can count on is your authenticity. You did it for you and you really cared about it and made it your way.

It’s a reflection of you. Not some ‘you’ you would like to be seen as as, but the real you.

It’s vulnerable. It’s scary.

And it’s the best feeling in the world knowing you’re making the work only you can make.

You’re happy with your work because it is you.

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