A 2023 Prediction: The Further AI Goes…

…the more value there will be for traditional photographers, especially those using film and creating photographs as a craft.

Just like there’s a movement toward film photography among young people, those same young people are the ones advertisers want to reach and those young consumers don’t want fake images, doctored pictures, or AI-generated unreality. They don’t want to be manipulated and lied to. They’ll direct their dollars to things that are real.

As there’s a turn back to vinyl and film, there will be an emphasis on those who produce actual photographic art. The artisan who uses tools like lenses and lighting, not a computer program and a button. Who creates with silver and light, not algorithms and homogenized results. Who has something to show for their creation, real authorship far above those turning to cheap instant artificial pictures.

The magician with light. The artist with technique. The creator with the ability to create a campaign that’s human, that viewers can feel. It’s the difference between stock photographs and commissioned commercial photographs.

The business world is going to be going through a lot in 2023 as they struggle with the temptation to go cheap and go AI. They risk losing credibility and once a company loses trust, especially in its image, it’s very difficult to regain.

It’s never been a better time to be an actual photographer who understands photographic technique. And it’s more important than ever to the commercial photography world that companies know where they can find authenticity. In real photographers. It’s imperative to their brand.

We relate to humans, not algorithms.

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