The World Is Better Off Because You Are In It

I believe that we don’t always know what others are going through, the struggles they face while they look at us with a smile. To that end, some people are looking to end their life and are considering suicide.

If that’s you, I have an offer for you: Let me introduce you to photography and how a camera gives you a chance to meet new people, document your world, express your wins and successes as well as your losses and difficulties, and can help take you around the world.

I will help you get started on a creative photographic path that will change your life, enrich it in so many ways. The life that is saved–yours–will go on to impact so many people for so many years to come and you will be able to turn to the camera whenever you’re feeling down–you’ll have a way out of the dark and into the light.

WE NEED YOU! Your vision of the world. No one sees it the way you do. Share that with others. The people you touch with your art may help them to understand they are not alone in their struggles and perhaps they too could consider photography as a way to express their worldview. And on it goes.

The lives we can touch, it’s unimaginable. But we need you to stay with us. Be here.

The world is better off with you, no doubt, in fact it needs you.

Contact me at and I will work with you to get you set up and started on this incredible journey through photography.

Don’t choose suicide–a permanent solution to a temporary situation. Please! You have a lot of living to do. Great adventures ahead. New chapters. And so many people who would be so much worse off without you in their lives.

And perhaps it all starts now with a camera.

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