“I Don’t Want to See the Photo of Me You Just Took.”

Why are you showing it to me? It’s not a memory. I’m right here. It just happened. Like. Just. Now.

Save it and show it to me in a week, a month. Sometime later when we can relive the moment together.

Yep, that’s me. I was there. Still am.

That to me is what photography does well–brings me back to a time shared from our past. It’s unnecessary to relive the one I just had.

It’s not only unnecessary, but it’s also ridiculous. I know. I was there.

All you’re really doing is showing me your camera is working.

I saw you pointing it at me and now that we’ve both seen it, there’s no reason to ever see it again. The fun part is done–now there’s just that chore of sending it to me.

Which you never will. I know, it’s okay. It’s too much trouble and for what? You know I already saw it. We both did. It’s over.

And regarding your camera, I already believe it’s working. It’s always working. You paid a lot for it, it should be working.

So, hang onto that photo. Keep it from me, please, and let’s meet up in a month or so. It’ll give us another reason to get together and catch up.

I’ll look forward to seeing you again.

And then, when we’re together, sharing a meal or a beer–you know, I’d like to see the photo. We can talk about how much fun we had that day.

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