Working to Create a Portrait of F. Murray Abraham

I had been trying to get a portrait session scheduled with F. Murray Abraham when he came to Boulder for the film festival, but I couldn’t get it set up. The festival couldn’t accommodate me, the podcast host, The Hollywood Reporter, was and then wasn’t communicative, and I was on my own to get a chance to make this Oscar-winning actor’s portrait.

So, I did. I worked with what I had to work with. In situations like that, it’s all you can do.

I teach photography and video production and often tell my students that we, as photographers and video producers, are essentially problem solvers. We get into a situation and figure out the best way to use it to make a photograph.

So, here comes F. Murray, along with his granddaughter, out of his car and is greeted by the crowd at the film festival.

And my portrait of him in studio light of a TV photojournalist once he entered the Boulder Theater, and I worked to get a pose that worked for my lens.

All that matters is the photo. Getting the shot. There’s no excuse for missing it. As a photojournalist, you must get a shot, that’s repeated to you many times over the years.

And so, we do. By whatever means necessary. We don’t come back empty-handed.

Oh, no. We get the shot.

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