“Waiting and Wondering”

Here's a phrase I heard a photographer use lately when speaking about why he likes digital photography over film: "It's better than waiting and wondering if the photo will come out." Here's another of mine: "Wait, what?" I was on assignment back in my newspaper days photographing a CEO and after I finished the shoot,... Continue Reading →

Putting Yourself Out There

I saw a theater piece recently as a work-in-progress table read and the performer was extremely brave, writing and acting a story about a difficult part of her life involving a parent's death, regret and grief. People in the audience commented that she was so brave, her writing so masterful and that they wouldn't be... Continue Reading →

Nobody Photographs Like Me

I make photographs that are uniquely my own. The kind of photographs are not like what you typically see on Instagram or Facebook. Editors have even said that my photos look different than most photos--there's an authenticity to them. They look real. There's an emotional quality to them. I'll take that, that is exactly what... Continue Reading →

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