The Photo Game

I'm inspired by deadlines. I love goals and making art by the time it's due. Deadlines make things happen--that's been my mantra for some time now. Everyone who knows me has heard it. THE SONG GAME I'm also inspired by The Song Game. It was started by musician Bob Schneider years ago and his goal... Continue Reading →

Cameras Can Inspire Our Work

I recently picked up a Nikon S4 rangefinder with a Nikkor 50mm f1.4 lens. It was made in 1959, I've shown it here before and it's been the one I've been using lately and it inspires me. I like looking through it, working with it. Loaded with Ilford HP5, it's ready in any kind of... Continue Reading →

A Bit About Mary Ellen Mark

Mary Ellen Mark I was going through some photo books this week, came upon the book PROM and remembered a local photographer friend Steven Begleiter used to assist Mary Ellen Mark and has nothing but good things to say about this remarkable photographer. Here's a photo of Steven working with her. Here's a good portrait... Continue Reading →

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