Creating Tomorrow’s Nostalgia Today

The photos we create today are the nostalgia of the future. So take some good ones! (And print them so they will last). We will need to easily find them in 2065 to look back on today. Here's to a great, photographic, 2015. Happy New Year!  Here are some more looks back in time:

A Challenge To Shoot Film

I keep running into people who see my old Leica IIIf over my shoulder and marvel that they still make film.  And that it is readily available.  I assure them it is. I have a standard response to their "I have a great old camera that I never use."  I tell them to just put... Continue Reading →

Starting a New Photo Project

When I need inspiration, I start my own photo project, which gives me focus for a duration of time. And photography is all about good focus. So, I've started The Wise Photo Project, where I photograph wise older people with interesting faces in a magazine-style environmental portrait, and frame them large, like 16x20. It's going... Continue Reading →

Loving Film

What is it about 6x6 film portraits that make me like them more than any other type of portrait?  I shoot with a Rolleiflex and a Bronica SQ-A and it's pure joy to work with film and create legacy images. My name is Kenneth Wajda, and I'm a professional photographer in Lyons, Colorado.  Been shooting... Continue Reading →

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