A 2023 Prediction: The Further AI Goes…

...the more value there will be for traditional photographers, especially those using film and creating photographs as a craft. Just like there's a movement toward film photography among young people, those same young people are the ones advertisers want to reach and those young consumers don't want fake images, doctored pictures, or AI-generated unreality. They... Continue Reading →

Sometimes You Improvise

I was out in New Jersey photographing a Halloween parade when I noticed my Leica lens cap was missing. I thought I was holding it pressed against the lens with the palm of my hand but obviously not. Maybe it fell off in the bag or in the rental car. No dice. What to do?... Continue Reading →


I abhor the way every working photographer when asked how it's going replies, "I'm so busy." Automatically. Whether they are or not, they think it's a badge of honor. "So, so busy."Busy isn't the most important thing to be. A good balance of work and free time is important, not just running from one job... Continue Reading →

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