We Have Choices Today. I Choose the Analog. The Tangible.

Like vinyl records versus digital CDs. Tube versus solid-state guitar amplifiers. Home-cooked meals versus microwaved. Hand-written (or typed) greeting cards versus emails. Film versus digital photography. Traditional photographic prints versus NFTs. I'm in the tangible art business!~Kenneth Wajda I make film portraits using 20th-century techniques and cameras and print in a traditional darkroom. For those... Continue Reading →

The Car Assignment in The Photo Game

There are seven photographers in the The Photo Game that began in mid-November. Here is my submissions for the latest prompt: The Automobile, The Horseless Carriage, The Car. Projects and assignments make me inspired and I become very prolific. These four photographs were completed a couple of days after the assignment dropped on Saturday 11/20/21.... Continue Reading →

The Photo Game

I'm inspired by deadlines. I love goals and making art by the time it's due. Deadlines make things happen--that's been my mantra for some time now. Everyone who knows me has heard it. THE SONG GAME I'm also inspired by The Song Game. It was started by musician Bob Schneider years ago and his goal... Continue Reading →

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