Finding Themes in the Street

There are certain things I will always photograph. Street vendors are one of them. There's something about going to someone who's working in a portable box all day serving up breakfast bagels, hot dogs, pretzels and knishes. What's there not to love? Like this group of photos from New York last month. They form a... Continue Reading →

Meet at the Meat Market

There's something about signage and markets. From all the way back to the Walker Evans documentary days, there's something to photographing signs to save today for a future audience. To look back on someday when things are no longer the way they are today. This is what drew me to photograph this meat market in... Continue Reading →

Street Photography Defined

I am certainly a street photographer. Only I really don't go out to make street photographs. I simply go out to run errands and keep the camera with me at the ready--meaning turned on, with the exposure set, ready to shoot--and then photograph what strikes me in my travels. Like these. I just today updated... Continue Reading →

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