A New Year of Possibilities – 365 of Them!

01.01.2019 - All those ones!  Beginnings! It's a new year, 365 possibilities lie ahead.  What will we do with them?  What will we create? For me creation is the source, the inspiration, that gives me so much that is my reason for being.  I live to create photographs, stories, and even time spent with family... Continue Reading →

The Love of Sharing Knowledge: Street Photography Workshop Recap

I really believe people at all levels should share everything they know with everyone.  Nothing is to be kept secret--there are no secrets when it comes to knowledge.  Teach everyone everything.  When we share what we know, we empower others while maintaining our place as a fearless professional. And you have to be fearless to... Continue Reading →

Street Photographer Database

I wanted to gather all U.S. photographers who shoot street photographs, to collect their information into one place.  So, I have at StreetPhotoDB.com. It's divided up by state, so add your work with the submit button in the menu.  And check out the other photographers.  It's brand new, so not a lot on there yet,... Continue Reading →

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