The Wise Photo Project Goes Worldwide to Photograph Sweet Wonderful Old Faces

It really started kind of small in Kenneth Wajda’s Boulder Colorado commercial portrait studio back in 2015. He advertised an open studio on Mondays in the local events listings for seniors age 70 and over to come in and get a formal portrait made at no cost, figuring that was his slowest day at the... Continue Reading →

How I Can Afford to Make The Wise Photo Project

I photographed Margaret, a lovely 98-year-old woman last week in my studio and will gift her a framed 12x12 portrait this week. How am I able to gift photo shoots and framed portraits at no cost to seniors in The Wise Photo Project? Easy, through commissioned portraits--when people commission a portrait, they know that the... Continue Reading →


I don't create photographs for likes. I make photographs that will still exist in 50 years, long after the swipe is through, through gallery and book projects. That's why I shoot on film, and make gallery-quality prints. These aren't for likes. I’m looking for two kinds of photographs to make, one for my Roy Stryker... Continue Reading →

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