The Seth Godin of Photography

A photographer friend recently said to me, "I read your post about the Leica and Sony cameras, Beauty and the Beast, and it was so right on. You're like the Seth Godin of photography, you take small concepts and write about them in ways like he writes about business." I'll take that. The two things... Continue Reading →

Beauty and the Beast

One of these is a photographic tool used to create images with light, to make framed and matted photographic art to hang on walls and savor memories. The other is a computer with a lens that makes files. One gives you endless possibilities for creating photographic prints. The other has a desktop computer job waiting... Continue Reading →

Street Photography Defined

I am certainly a street photographer. Only I really don't go out to make street photographs. I simply go out to run errands and keep the camera with me at the ready--meaning turned on, with the exposure set, ready to shoot--and then photograph what strikes me in my travels. Like these. I just today updated... Continue Reading →

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