Content is King, Queen and the Whole Royal Family!

There's no substitute for content.  None.  You can have the most technically perfect, accurately exposed frame, with the best sensor in the best camera and the fastest lens on the market, and give me a 10-year-old point and shoot with a subject worth photographing, and I'll blow you out of the water every time. Because... Continue Reading →

Lovely Patina

Just like I don't buy Leica cameras to put them on a display shelf, I also don't purposefully beat them up.  But I do strive to carry them uncased, take them everywhere, and use them, even to the point of perhaps someday, used up.  I think film cameras are beautiful in all stages of their... Continue Reading →

Vintage Cameras Meetup

This is what I saw one day walking on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, and I had to get a photo of her.  And the camera operator, too! Carrying my Rolleiflex, I asked if I could take her portrait.  She immediately recognized the coolness of my picture machine, and said yes. That's a vintage... Continue Reading →

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