Give Me H.I Over A.I.

It seems you can't turn on a news program or read a newspaper without getting another story about A.I. How it's the greatest thing, the best thing, the smartest thing, the worst thing, the most dangerous thing, and every other variation. I'm all for technological improvements but it seems we as a society don't know... Continue Reading →

A Simple Prediction for 2053

Think about this. We're at a similar place with artificial intelligence (AI) today as we were with the advent of the internet in the early 1990s. At that time, we didn't know what this thing might become. What we might get as a benefit from embracing this new technology. 30 years later, we've made a... Continue Reading →

A 2023 Prediction: The Further AI Goes…

...the more value there will be for traditional photographers, especially those using film and creating photographs as a craft. Just like there's a movement toward film photography among young people, those same young people are the ones advertisers want to reach and those young consumers don't want fake images, doctored pictures, or AI-generated unreality. They... Continue Reading →

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