A Goal to Create Boring Photos

There's an annual gathering of people to look at old family movies called Home Movie Day. Because what was boring no longer is. Well, it may be, but we're not watching just for the content but the setting. The cars, the buildings, the businesses in towns no longer there. There is much to be gained... Continue Reading →

Joel, Yes, We Know…

Sometimes, I write about my pet peeves. And because I have this writing space, I get to. So here goes. I listen to a lot of photography podcasts. There are some terrific ones out there, but the one question that gets asked to everyone, the one that drives me crazy, is, "Tell us how you... Continue Reading →

We’re Bored Because We’re Boring

As Americans, we were taught from an early age that the great American dream is to get more and keep getting. Buying is the thing that makes us happiest.   Shopping became a pastime. Something we were encouraged to do. A lot.   Then the pandemic shut the stores. The economy was all atwitter. "What... Continue Reading →

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