Here’s To (the Gift of) Good Light

I received an email from the Chimera company the other day, a photo and video lighting company which is based here in Boulder, and they said they read had my story in the local paper about The Wise Photo Project (which you can join and I hope you do), and they wrote they would be... Continue Reading →

Visiting Camera Shops Is (Should Be) Fun!

I make a point of going out of my way to visit camera shops when I travel to any city or town if there is one to stop in and say hello. First, I never know what I might find. And second, there's a joy in keeping these stores in business, poking around the used... Continue Reading →

I Was Once a Gunslinger

It was the Spring of 2004, I had just moved to Colorado in 2001 and was living in Canon City which sits just 12 miles from the famous Royal Gorge Bridge overlooking the Arkansas River turned into a theme park. At that time, there was a second attraction that sat next to the bridge--Buckskin Joe,... Continue Reading →

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