What Makes a Street Photo?

There are many street photographers nowadays. But what makes a street photo? It can't just be anyone walking along the street--I can see that out the window. To me, there has to be a story (or it gets the viewer to create one). If there's a story, it's a street photograph. If it has no... Continue Reading →

Show Your Work

When I was a kid in school, in math class once you got the math problem solved the teacher would say, "Show your work." If you were going to do the work, show it, show how you got there. I use that same phrase with photographers. "Show your work." What are you making it for... Continue Reading →

“What’s Your Plan For Those Pictures?”

I was at two different places this weekend documenting their demise, their conclusion, businesses calling it quits, wrapping it up, coming to an end. The first was a 95-year-old bar called the Miners Tavern in Erie Colorado whose last night open was Saturday due to its inability to staff the restaurant without raising wages high... Continue Reading →

You Don’t Have to Smile

I often tell that to my portrait subjects--no need to smile. I'd prefer they were being themselves rather than putting on the smile mask that we all learned to wear as a kid via "Say Cheese". There's nothing wrong with a genuine smile, but asking for it, or having them turn it on, I find... Continue Reading →

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