Play Your Own Photo Game

I run The Photo Game with a weekly prompt, but you can do the same thing and you don't need me to do it. Come up with a word prompt and by the end of the week, make a photograph that fulfills the assignment, that is inspired by the prompt. Some of our past prompts... Continue Reading →

Just Do One Thing Today

One thing toward your goal of making photographs. Want to pull out that old medium format TLR you used in college and haven't touched since? Do it today. Need some film? Order it today! Or better yet, visit a local camera store if you have one and support them. (My local Mike's Camera in Boulder... Continue Reading →

A Photographer’s View of Self

I was recently gifted a book of self-portraits, all made with Leica cameras called Leica Myself. It's comprised of a single self-portrait from dozens of Leica photographers from all around the world. Which got me thinking about self-portraits and what it is we do when we make pictures. Really all photos we make are self-portraits.... Continue Reading →

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