The Problem with Evaluating Success by Numbers: It Misses The Wins!

I have a few different blogs that I post to, one regularly,, and one more occasionally, this one, I also have a YouTube Channel, easy to remember its web address because I use as an easy link to remember--I put out a video weekly. And there's a podcast I started up, daily.... Continue Reading →

Finding Beauty in the Frame and Showing Up to See It

I have a difficult time making photographs sometimes. It's because I know what I want a photograph to do, how I want it to look composition-ally, or story-wise, or just the right light. And when those don't come together in some combination, I don't fire the shutter. It just sits, idle, waiting. I'm reading a... Continue Reading →

Inspiring Photo Talks

If you like a daily affirmative talks about photography, take a look at my Inspiring Photo Talks Web Page with just that, photo talks.  Short, positive, fun talks about all things (mostly analog) photography.

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