Your Photography, Your Story

I think about what I make for street photographs, street portraits, and documentary photographs and how altogether they add up to my story. They tell you how I see, what I see, and the way I see it. It's a connection for you to my world, places I've been, and people I've met and seen.... Continue Reading →

Sometimes You Improvise

I was out in New Jersey photographing a Halloween parade when I noticed my Leica lens cap was missing. I thought I was holding it pressed against the lens with the palm of my hand but obviously not. Maybe it fell off in the bag or in the rental car. No dice. What to do?... Continue Reading →

That Great Introducer: The Camera

I was in New York recently, a city that's one of my favorite places on earth, and went down to Greenwich Village and Washington Square Park. There's always a crowd there, plenty of energy. The people-watching is great fun and of course, it makes for excellent opportunities for photographs and is a great place to... Continue Reading →

Beauty and the Beast

One of these is a photographic tool used to create images with light, to make framed and matted photographic art to hang on walls and savor memories. The other is a computer with a lens that makes files. One gives you endless possibilities for creating photographic prints. The other has a desktop computer job waiting... Continue Reading →

A Photographer’s View of Self

I was recently gifted a book of self-portraits, all made with Leica cameras called Leica Myself. It's comprised of a single self-portrait from dozens of Leica photographers from all around the world. Which got me thinking about self-portraits and what it is we do when we make pictures. Really all photos we make are self-portraits.... Continue Reading →

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