The Hard Work of Publishing Four Photo Books: Follow-up

A short while ago, I published this post: Publishing Four Very Important Photo Books in 2019 Since then, I've completed three of the books (one person couldn't get it together) and they're on their way. In the process, here's what I learned. 1. People don't know where their photos are. 2. They don't know how to... Continue Reading →

Publishing Four Very Important Photo Books in 2019

It started with a social media post. And it was an idea that would change the world. See, these four books for four friends are the most significant photo books I'll publish this year. And they're not even my photos. Because those folks weren't going to make photo books. They weren't going to print any... Continue Reading →

Flips Are Slower Than Swipes

Perhaps it's special because it feels like an event when you're flipping pages.  Is that what makes it different? Maybe it's nostalgic.  Or just a wish to get away from all things digital, especially since so many of us are in front of our phones and computers all day. Call it a resurgence.  A return... Continue Reading →

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