“Waiting and Wondering”

Here's a phrase I heard a photographer use lately when speaking about why he likes digital photography over film: "It's better than waiting and wondering if the photo will come out." Here's another of mine: "Wait, what?" I was on assignment back in my newspaper days photographing a CEO and after I finished the shoot,... Continue Reading →

Two Types of Street Photographers

In my experience, there are two kinds of street photographer: The Coward and The Photojournalist. Which are you? The coward is omnipresent in street photography circles. Everyone who goes out for the first time is one--afraid of confrontation, worried they're going to get called out and get into a fight. Punched in the nose? Yep,... Continue Reading →

When The Trend Is In Your Favor

I've been a photojournalist my whole photography career, starting as a staff photographer at a daily newspaper in New Jersey, The Times of Trenton, and have been working editorial assignments ever since. It's my favorite type of work, creating storytelling photographs for publication. So, to have inquiries from people about having photojournalist-style photographs made of... Continue Reading →

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