I Don’t Plan to Make Photographs

You really never know when your friend is going to resemble an umbrella pole/post, and the camera has to be with you, on and ready to shoot. This is why I take a camera with me everywhere. I don't intend to shoot anything when I take my camera. I just notice life's little moments and... Continue Reading →

The Value of the Snapshot & Prints With Borders

I miss the snapshot, those small photos that would get printed with their scalloped white-edge border. I often order prints of my own and always add a white border to the print, but it's not the same as when it was done back in the 1950s, with the paper cut with a decorative edge. I... Continue Reading →

Some Things You Just Do

Some things you do for money To make a living, to eat, to keep the lights on. Some things you do for the art of it. Not everything has to be monetized. That’s why I make portraits of folks 70+ on Mondays In my Longmont photo studio at no cost. Because I can. Because it’s... Continue Reading →

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