Photographer Duane Michals Tells It Like He Sees It

Here's a terrific interview with a most original photographer, Duane Michals. He's funny when he calls Garry Winogrand a hack. (Winogrand famously walked out of Duane's first gallery show saying, "Come on, let's go, this isn't photography.") At 88, Michals doesn't hold anything back. He really know what he wants as a photographer and artist... Continue Reading →

The Problem with Evaluating Success by Numbers: It Misses The Wins!

I have a few different blogs that I post to, one regularly,, and one more occasionally, this one, I also have a YouTube Channel, easy to remember its web address because I use as an easy link to remember--I put out a video weekly. And there's a podcast I started up, daily.... Continue Reading →

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