Goals: 2022

Here comes a new year. What are we doing with it? What are our goals? I am quite prolific as an artist, working on a series of personal photography projects--The Wise Photo Project, Roy Stryker Photography Project--as well as teaching and leading other people and hopefully being an inspiration to some. But it's not enough.... Continue Reading →

Working the Street Portrait

This was a fun photo, a moment that happened while I was walking through a flea market and saw a grown woman in a shopping cart. Of course, I pulled out the camera to make a photo. I got her attention first, and smiled, joking "Now, that is the best way to navigate this market,"... Continue Reading →

Go To New York

Be wary of a comfortable position. A good job. A steady paycheck. Feeling safe. It might be a trap. I look back on my life as a photojournalist for a daily newspaper in the 1980-1990s and into the early 2000s. I loved my work, my colleagues, my world. It was based in Trenton, New Jersey,... Continue Reading →

Nobody Photographs Like Me

I make photographs that are uniquely my own. The kind of photographs are not like what you typically see on Instagram or Facebook. Editors have even said that my photos look different than most photos--there's an authenticity to them. They look real. There's an emotional quality to them. I'll take that, that is exactly what... Continue Reading →

Two Types of Street Photographers

In my experience, there are two kinds of street photographer: The Coward and The Photojournalist. Which are you? The coward is omnipresent in street photography circles. Everyone who goes out for the first time is one--afraid of confrontation, worried they're going to get called out and get into a fight. Punched in the nose? Yep,... Continue Reading →

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