The Photo Walk Went Mostly Digital

Last week's post about our Denver photo walk was a treat to write and bring you along to where we went, what we saw. I love how photography and words--storytelling--allowed me to bring you the stories of the day. Take you along, in a sense. But though I had film cameras with me, I know... Continue Reading →

Joel, Yes, We Know…

Sometimes, I write about my pet peeves. And because I have this writing space, I get to. So here goes. I listen to a lot of photography podcasts. There are some terrific ones out there, but the one question that gets asked to everyone, the one that drives me crazy, is, "Tell us how you... Continue Reading →

Just Do One Thing Today

One thing toward your goal of making photographs. Want to pull out that old medium format TLR you used in college and haven't touched since? Do it today. Need some film? Order it today! Or better yet, visit a local camera store if you have one and support them. (My local Mike's Camera in Boulder... Continue Reading →

Goals: 2022

Here comes a new year. What are we doing with it? What are our goals? I am quite prolific as an artist, working on a series of personal photography projects--The Wise Photo Project, Roy Stryker Photography Project--as well as teaching and leading other people and hopefully being an inspiration to some. But it's not enough.... Continue Reading →

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