Simple Photographs Tell Stories

Seaside Heights, New Jersey, Boardwalk. Or perhaps we tell the stories, based on what we see and what we know. Because the viewer finishes the art. What are these two looking at? Waiting for spouses? Watching young frolicking teens? Why is the horizon tilted, is something a little off? Why are they wearing long sleeve... Continue Reading →

In a New York Moment

There are no self-taught photographers. There is no photographer who isn't influenced by photographs they've seen. We all are exposed to a lot of photographs on a daily basis, and if we study the photographers who came before us, those considered the Masters--William Eggleston, Steven Shore, Robert Frank, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Helen Levitt, Vivian Maier, Joel... Continue Reading →

Just Jump, Don’t Think

The number one thing that people tell me who want to shoot street documentary photographs but don't is that they are timid about photographing strangers, and worried about the reaction they'll get. Concerned that the person who is their subject will get irate, angry, confrontational. The thing is, that really never happens. People are doing... Continue Reading →

The Camera as a Powerful Tool

I believe there is power in photography. When I document ordinary people doing ordinary things for the Roy Stryker photo project, I do it because I believe it has the power to change the world. Its goal is to "Introduce America to Americans" and show people in different parts of the country what we all... Continue Reading →

Project: Kids & Teens, Unsupervised

I'm working on a street documentary set of photographs about kids and teens and the way they behave primarily when they're unsupervised by adults. I am interested in documenting youngsters and their body language as they grow up. I am always working on a project (or six). This one, honestly, I wasn't starting, it found... Continue Reading →

Taking It To The Streets

On my YouTube channel, I recently talked about how I want to get as fast with the Leica as I am with my trusty Nikons, having used them for the past 35 years. You do something for 35 years, you get pretty good at it. So, this weekend, I went out with the Leica M9... Continue Reading →

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