Part II – Rolleiflex Street Portraits in RiNo Area of Denver

The RiNo section of Denver is a hip new area full of brewpubs and eateries and lots of hipster types. That's not why I took my Rolleiflex there, but because the Denver Month of Photography is going on and I wanted to visit some of the galleries with current photography exhibits. After I parked the... Continue Reading →

Portrait Magnet: A Dandy Rolleiflex T Dressed to the Nines in its Gray Leather Suit

I carried with me a Rolleiflex, held high in my hand with my elbow bent to keep it at chest level. No strap. No case. Just the Rolleiflex. It's a model T, a later model that is a bit of a dandy of a camera, dressed to the nines in its fancy gray leather suit.... Continue Reading →

Addendum: Photo Contests

I was recently at an gallery opening of photographs with the theme of portraiture.  And there were walls full of beautiful portraits in many different poses and situations in a well-lit gallery show. Some natural, documentary style.  Some set up, posed, created. The show was phenomenal.  A beautiful representation of many different styles of portraiture.... Continue Reading →

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