Photographing Children at Play in Safe America

I wish we didn't live in a world where there was so much suspicion about each other, where everyone is assumed to be 'stranger danger' until proven innocent. Where every man is looked upon as a creep, and everyone on the street has bad intentions. A man with a camera can only mean bad news.... Continue Reading →

What Has Happened to Street Photography?

I was thinking about influencers and how that's a word that never used to exist. In a world with social media, the goal of attracting large numbers of followers and becoming popular to become "Insta-famous," what have we done to art? Wasn't there always influence from major players like John Szarkowski at MoMA, and plenty... Continue Reading →

Street Photographer Database

I wanted to gather all U.S. photographers who shoot street photographs, to collect their information into one place.  So, I have at It's divided up by state, so add your work with the submit button in the menu.  And check out the other photographers.  It's brand new, so not a lot on there yet,... Continue Reading →

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