How I Can Afford to Make The Wise Photo Project

I photographed Margaret, a lovely 98-year-old woman last week in my studio and will gift her a framed 12x12 portrait this week. How am I able to gift photo shoots and framed portraits at no cost to seniors in The Wise Photo Project? Easy, through commissioned portraits--when people commission a portrait, they know that the... Continue Reading →

Not Trying to Be the Fashion Police But…

I offer a free portrait session in my studio every Monday for senior citizens age 70 and over as a way of creating a formal portrait in a sea of phone snaps and because I think it's important to document them in a formal legacy portrait, photograph them looking their best. LOW RESPONSEI've been offering... Continue Reading →

Why I Photograph The Wise

I have a project titled, The Wise Photo Project, where I photograph elderly people on film, because they often have very few photographs taken of them.  Here are my parents, my Dad giving my Mom a kiss as she lies in a hospital bed in the living room of his house.  This is why I... Continue Reading →

Starting a New Photo Project

When I need inspiration, I start my own photo project, which gives me focus for a duration of time. And photography is all about good focus. So, I've started The Wise Photo Project, where I photograph wise older people with interesting faces in a magazine-style environmental portrait, and frame them large, like 16x20. It's going... Continue Reading →

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