6×6, 35mm, 6×7, and 4×5, too! A Multi-Formatted Film Shooter

So, while this blog is titled 6x6 Portraits, I have a variety of interests in different film formats, not just 6x6.  I have a love for Leica 35mm, too, and shoot regularly with an M3, M6 and IIIf.  The photo at left was the first shot made with my first Leica in 2010, an M6... Continue Reading →

Loving Film

What is it about 6x6 film portraits that make me like them more than any other type of portrait?  I shoot with a Rolleiflex and a Bronica SQ-A and it's pure joy to work with film and create legacy images. My name is Kenneth Wajda, and I'm a professional photographer in Lyons, Colorado.  Been shooting... Continue Reading →

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