What do you want for 2020?

Keith Richards wanted to be in the best blues band in London. He ended up being in the best band in the world! I want to be the best photographer in Denver with gallery and museum exhibitions of my work, to be an influential teacher and inspiring speaker on photography, and similarly known around the... Continue Reading →

The Problem with Evaluating Success by Numbers: It Misses The Wins!

I have a few different blogs that I post to, one regularly, RoyStryker.com, and one more occasionally, this one, 6x6portraits.com. I also have a YouTube Channel, easy to remember its web address because I use HeresToGoodLight.com as an easy link to remember--I put out a video weekly. And there's a podcast I started up, daily.... Continue Reading →

New Film Camera Buying Tips on YouTube

I'm starting a series of videos on buying older 35mm and 120 film cameras, going through my collection or else cameras I have access to, to discuss.  It's here: Buying Used Film SLR and TLR Cameras - Let me know of your requests, and I'll post them soon.

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