Born in the 1960s–The Best Years for Growing Up and Being a Photographer

I was born in 1964. That means the Nikon F2 was out when I was 10, the FM2 when I was 20 and I grew up in the era of Kodachrome film, Fuji Velvia, Ilford HP5 and Kodak Tri-x black and white films, and plenty of wonderful photographers working in those days like Garry Winogrand,... Continue Reading →

Beers+Cameras Joins Denver Month of Photography

The Denver Month of Photography is a bi-annual event and it's on this March, 2021, and our Beers+Cameras event is added to their schedule as one of their photography event next month. B+C: Denver Month of Photography For the month of March, we are going to participate in Denver Month of Photography with a B+C... Continue Reading →

The Photo I Missed (and Miss!)

I had a fun night with friends last night. We had steak with sauteed mushrooms, roasted potatoes and veggies with some cold keg IPAs. Then afterwards we played a few games of backgammon and cribbage. Lots of laughs when one of us won the game. There's no photo though. I usually bring a Fuji X100... Continue Reading →

A Little Art from My World

A lot of photographers have been struggling to find things to photograph in this pandemic-laden world, but I've been keeping busy with a lot of photos for my Roy Stryker photo project, now over five years old and publishing three times a week. The need for creating photos makes the photographic opportunities happen. The muse... Continue Reading →

Lost Rolls & Rescued Film

There's a company that wants our unprocessed forgotten rolls of film called the Lost Rolls America Project. They ask how many photographers and snapshooters have old film lying around and they encourage them to send them in and they will develop it for their project. This project is aimed at getting those forgotten rolls of... Continue Reading →

Ralph Gibson’s Leica

I was driving along today and listening to a podcast and there was an interview with Ralph Gibson. That is one of the great things about the web, the ability to have high-quality podcast interviews with legendary photographers at our fingertips. Two things stood out from his interview. How important it was to commit to... Continue Reading →

Adding a Chair to the Portrait Studio

For The Wise Photo Project, I've photographed people either standing or sitting on a red Victorian couch in my studio. So, when it became time to add a chair, I looked to Berenice Abbott for inspiration--she had a favorite chair that she posed people in and so, I went out looking for something similar, something... Continue Reading →

Who is the Girl on the Stairs?

I don't know. She's not a relative of mine. You may be wondering why do I have this photograph and other precious memories of some families that appear to be (from clues in the photos) living in Kansas in the early to mid-1900s? Because a family lost them due to an unpaid storage locker. This... Continue Reading →

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