Documenting America’s Decline Circa 2022

Waking up to the NY Times headline, Supreme Court Ruling Overturns Roe v. Wade After Nearly 50 Years, I saw how a divided America is moving backwards by taking away women’s rights and maybe losing the last vestiges of the dream of being the greatest. Because right now, we’re not. Not even close. Come on. Be serious.

Gun violence is up while gun rights are preserved, you betcha.

Women having full control and rights to their body, not so much.

I knew I had to document the protests today. No doubt there would be many. It’s history. It’s a new day in America. A dark day. (We seem to have them a lot.)

Anyone who says they’re pro-life–guess what, we’re all pro-life. No one is pro-abortion. But the mother gets to choose what’s best for herself. She has the final say, not the courts, not the political system, not you!

The mother. Period.

Don’t believe in abortion? Don’t have one. But stop legislating what someone else can do.

This is an account that really describes how it’s not a simple solution and one that fits everyone, and how banning abortion is not always best for all involved.

So, for all the women out there scared that men are legislating their bodies, worried about what is to come, I did what I could–I made photographs. I even chose film over digital because it’s important that these historical photographs last for a long time and film is archival. I used the 50mm Summicron on the Leica IIIf with Ilford HP5.

These documentary photographs truly feel like a window into America’s decline. We were once looked up to by the rest of the world as the greatest. Not so anymore. Now we’re laughed at. Considered ultra violent. Anti-women. We are being compared to the Taliban rule. Way to go, America.

The issue is so “hot-button”, right? No, actually it’s not. No one is for abortion. But not all pregnancies are wanted and there’s no one offering support once the unwanted baby’s born. The pro-lifers all vanish right after the birthday. So, the woman deserves the right to choose what’s right for her. She gets the choice.

To show how divided we are, in the photos you won’t just see protesters with signs. You’ll also see one woman with a bullhorn calling the protesters “baby killers” and “murderers”. This is where we are in 2022. You’ll pick her out. Utter hatred, no respect or kindness. None. It got so violent, the police were called.

“Your rights don’t matter to me,” she yelled.

So, I made photographs. Hopefully the women out who need to know they’re supported see that there are plenty of women and men that are on their side, that stand alongside them. That support their right to choose what’s best for them. I even made this post on Facebook and Twitter. And I mean it.

Document this moment in America’s history. It may very well be the beginning of the end. We are at a crisis and if this isn’t a clear indicator of a country in decline, I don’t know what is.

3 thoughts on “Documenting America’s Decline Circa 2022

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  1. Thanks Ken for making this post. I agree with you 100% and I realize you took a chance by tackling this sensitive topic which is highly polarizing. I feel though that this is what makes your content very genuine. I salute you sir.

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    1. Thank you, those are kind words about my work. I’m a photojournalist first so I have to go document but it’s certainly something that I also have a strong opinion of and I appreciate you taking the time to read it and comment.

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