Fashion on Pearl (Out on the Pedestrian Mall in Boulder Colorado)

I mentioned in a recent post that some fashion trends may end which will make photos of the current day’s fashion valuable in the future. Photos that by themselves are boring today since we can see them out the window.

Here are some of the fashion trends I found in my photo walk this weekend.

I went up to people to create two different photos. One of this colorful couple.

And one of this group of girls who were posing for their own cameras before posing for mine. (I jokingly refer to these kinds of jeans as “Bear Attack Jeans”.)

And the other folks on the rest of the mall.

We use photographs to time travel. To see who we were, once we are no longer those people. Set a reminder to come back to this post in April 2072.

You’ll be shocked at what people used to wear.

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