When I’m Out in the Street, I Walk the Way I Want to Walk

Every time I go out to photograph in the streets, I get out of my car and it looks like nothing to photograph. People walking, doing nothing. Nothing interesting, that’s for sure.

“Nothing to see here, move along.” And so, I do. I move further up the street. But there are stories that inevitably cross my path, my viewfinder, my lens. Every single time.

Here are a few of the storytelling gems from a 1-hour walk along the pedestrian mall in Boulder Colorado, the Pearl Street Mall.

The first one: An adult and child in a balloon sword fight. Looks like the adult is winning.

The second: A child getting an ice cream taste. Is the older girl also waiting for a turn?

The third: A multi-tattooed guy who asked for a portrait, mugging for my camera.

In the fourth one, the fallen woman exitiing Ben & Jerry’s was ok, she was smiling and laughing, just embarrassed. What are the chances that she would fall exactly as I was walking past with a camera? With the light so perfect?

The last one of a person under wraps as the sun went down and nightfall was imminent.

There are a million stories, both happy and sad ones, to be photographed on the mall. Waiting for us, if we just get out and walk.

Out in the street.

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