Film is For The Choice Few — Sorry Mr. Bardem

The Photo Game has been pushing all of its participants, myself included, to make work we normally would not. Photos of people by people who usually never make photographs with people in them, and still life photos by people who never usually make photographs of without people. So, it’s inspiring our creativity. Our chance to work outside of the box we usually work in.

We have to make a photo a week or we’re out of the game. Risk of elimination is a strong motivator–not wanting to be out of the game, when the only way back in is long weeks of groveling.

But that’s not all I make. I also have to make photographs throughout the week, going out every day, (ok, when I am not working a commercial job!), some days with a Rolleiflex, some days a 35mm Leica or 5×7 large format camera and a couple film holders. Each day a new choice. Each day a wonder–what will I find today, what will I create?

This weekend it was photos at the Boulder Film Festival and a lot of time with friends. Watching movies and eating and drinking afterwards. That’s an added treat when we are together multiple times all in one weekend. We can’t make that happen every week. We were there, and got to see a few dozen other film friends, some we only see once a year at the festival. And oh, yeah, Javier Bardem, too.

Javier’s photo is made with a digital camera because he’s not my close friend or family, and it was made for The Hollywood Reporter and their Awards Chatter podcast, which digital is perfect for. Film is strictly reserved for those close friends (many of whom I consider family), for those photos I want to print and gift or keep for myself. To display in frames in their home or mine.

Like this one.

This is special. This is one that I want to last, and it will because it’s on film. The negative is stored and the print will be made. This is why I make photographs with film. For the ones that are special, that matter to me. It’s my buddy Tom who won an award for Best Short Documentary at the Boulder International Film Festival. Yep, special!

I like Javier. But he’s not a close friend. Maybe if he makes a bigger effort in the future, he’ll get photographed on film and I’ll gift him a print for his home with Penelope. In the meantime, film is reserved for the most special people in my world.

And the photo game, as for that, well, film is required.

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